1. He was drafted WHERE?! DK is absolutely everywhere you look these days, so you may be surprised to hear that this 22-year-old was drafted 64th (!!!) overall in last year’s draft. Yup, he was a second rounder…doesn’t make sense to us either!
    2. Baby Bron. Oh yes, LeBron James HIMSELF crowned DK with this nickname while he was watching the Seahawks game on Sunday. The King made sure to share it to his IG Story for all to see with the caption: “We built different”. Think the name will stick?! 
    3. Christmas time is here! You guessed it, DK’s favorite holiday is Christmas and he loves spending it with his family. He says the food is the best part (duh!) naming sweet potato casserole as his favorite dish. We’ll be adding that to the menu this year!
    4. Got Milk? Strawberry Milk that is. DK is a self-proclaimed Strawberry Milk Connoisseur, (it’s even in his IG bio), so it only made sense for him to partner with Nesquik for a campaign aimed at encouraging people to chase their dreams. Afterall, Strawberry Nesquik is his go-to drink for fueling up. #KeepOnChuggin
    5. Chef DK with the sauce? DK loves to cook, and actually planned on going to culinary school if football didn’t work out. He learned just about everything he knows about cooking from his parents, but wants to keep learning and growing so he can open up his very own restaurant after he retires!
Tracy Sandler

Tracy Sandler

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