1. Hey now, Ja’s a 2x All-Star. Ja is starting in his second straight NBA All-Star Game on Sunday. He is the first player in Memphis Grizzlies’ history to start in multiple All-Star games.
  2. Ja Raffe. That’s the name of the giraffe named after Ja at the Memphis Zoo. The giraffe was born in November 2020 and was the same height as Ja at just two weeks old!
  3. Mom & Dad’s cooking. Some NBA players hirer personal chefs, but Ja prefers his mom and dad’s home cooking. Ja’s favorite meals from his mom are spaghetti, lasagna and chicken alfredo and he loves his dad’s chicken wings and BBQ ribs.
  4. Name game. Ja is not actually his first name. His first name is Temetrius and Ja comes from his middle name Jamel.
  5. Daddy’s princess. Ja isn’t the only star in the family, his three-year-old daughter Kaari has her own Instagram (run by her parents) with over 142k followers! Kaari went viral after doing the Griddy dance on the court after a Grizzlies win in December.
Tracy Sandler

Tracy Sandler

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