1. Louisiana, this is for you! Playing in Jacksonville due to Hurricane Ida, Jameis and the Saints absolutely dominated Week 1 with a 38-3 victory over the Packers. In his first game as starting QB for the team, Jameis threw for five touchdowns with ZERO interceptions!
  2. There are superstitions…and Jameis has an interesting one! While with the Bucs, Jameis revealed that his main superstition involves his headband. If his team keeps winning, he’ll keep wearing the same one, but if they lose…that headband goes in the garbage!
  3. Talk about a playlist! Music is part of Jameis’ day from the second he wakes up. He’ll start off with some Gospel, move into R&B and Soul, and finish off with Rap. Some of his favorite artists include Kirk Franklin, The Temptations, and Drake!
  4. Take it to the diamond…the baseball diamond, that is. That’s right, there was a time when Jameis was a two-sport superstar! He was even drafted by the Texas Rangers in the 2012 MLB Draft, but decided to pursue football (and baseball) at FSU instead.
  5. His childhood dream might not be what you’re expecting. Growing up, Jameis’ goal was to be a podiatrist. When he was around 10, Jameis was inspired by the podiatrist who tended to his grandma’s diabetes, and wanted to pursue that career, too.
Tracy Sandler

Tracy Sandler

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