1. More than an athlete. Jaylen made headlines when he drove 15 hours from Boston to Atlanta to lead a peaceful protest as part of the #BLM movement last week. But his leadership is no surprise. Jaylen has always supported Colin Kaepernick’s social advocacy and preaches the importance of discussing the uncomfortable. #IMWITHKAP
  2. No agent, no problem. Jaylen was drafted third overall in the 2016 Draft and made some headlines when he decided not to hire an agent. Instead, he negotiated his first contract with the help of the NBPA and close mentors. Why, you ask? Only because he wanted to have a better understanding of the industry before hiring anyone.
  3. Wise beyond his years. Education is something Jaylen has valued his whole life. While at Cal Berkeley, he took courses on global poverty, theoretical studies, and student activism. He even took a graduate class that’s part of the Cultural Studies of Sport in Education program during his FIRST semester! #informed
  4. You’re playing checkers, he’s playing chess…literally! Jaylen’s grandpa taught him how to play chess when he was just four years old and he never looked back. He was captain of the chess team when he was in high school and even took it as an elective in college. #GameofLife
  5. Need a translator? Jaylen is your guy! Jaylen learned Spanish during his freshman year of college. He’s since been learning Arabic and is on his way to achieving his goal of speaking FIVE (!!!) languages by the time he’s 25. #impressive
Tracy Sandler

Tracy Sandler

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