1. Joctober is BACK! It’s that time of year when Joc totally dominates in the clutch, and this one has the chance to be extra special. According to the Elias Sports Bureau, if the Braves win the World Series, Joc will be become the ninth player EVER to win back-to-back World Series with two different teams!
  2. How can we not mention the pearls? Joc has been rocking a pearl necklace for the last month, and it just may be the biggest mystery in baseball. According to his jeweler, Gabe Arik, Joc went with pearls because he wanted a “different” statement piece!
  3. “Dream big!” Not only are those the words Joc says he lives his life by, they’re the words he tells his daughter Poppy, too. Every night at bedtime, Joc tells Poppy “dream big” because he wants her to know that she should ALWAYS chase her dreams! #GirlDad
  4. Wine time! After the Braves NLCS win, Joc went viral for strutting around with a glass of wine, but it gets even better. Joc actually co-founded “Wine Club”, a group of Braves who enjoy a different bottle of wine after every big playoff victory. How can we join?!
  5. Wait…is that Anthony Rizzo’s bat? Yes, yes, it is! You may have noticed that Joc has been using Anthony’s bat throughout the playoffs. Well, he actually “stole” that bat while they were teammates in Chicago because he believed it had “a lot of hits in it”!
Tracy Sandler

Tracy Sandler

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