1. Young stud. At just 23 years old, Juan has racked up a career’s worth of accolades in his first five MLB seasons. He is a World Series Champion (2019), 2x MLB All-Star (2021-22), 2x Silver Slugger Award winner (2020-21) and NL batting champion (2020).
  2. Dominoes King. Juan’s favorite rainy day activity is playing dominoes with his friends and family. He credits growing up in the Dominican Republic for his love of the board game. 
  3. Eyes on the prize. Growing up, Juan would train with his father to work on his hand eye coordination. His dad would toss him crumpled-paper, rocks or bottle caps to hit with a baseball bat.
  4. Fluency master. Juan was not fluent in English when he joined the MLB in 2018. He used Rosetta Stone and made teammates talk to him in English which helped him become fluent in a year and a half. 
  5. Hoops fan. Juan’s favorite sport to watch besides baseball is basketball. He is a big NBA fan and owns multiple player’s jersey’s such as Al Horford and Jayson Tatum.
Tracy Sandler

Tracy Sandler

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