1. Just your average John Smith. No, seriously! JuJu’s realname is actually John Smith. His aunt nicknamed him “JuJu” when he was six months old and it kinda just stuck. As for Schuster- that’s his stepdad’s, Lawrence, last name. He added it to his own when he was a sophomore in collegebecause Lawrence is the father figure in his life.
2. All eyes on the End Zone. JuJu is notorious for his touchdown celebrations that always seem to go viral. With inspo from pop culture, he’s busted out everything from Dragon Ball Z to the latest TikTok craze…he even gave birth to a football! What will he do next? Only JuJu can answer that!
3. SportsCenter. That’s the nickname Snoop Dogg (!!!) gave JuJu when he was younger! Believe it or not, Snoop wasJuJu’s coach when he played for the Snoop Youth Football League. He had so much talent and flare, Snoop just knew he’d be on ESPN one day.
4. Super Team…and we’re not talking about the undefeated Steelers. In March 2018, JuJu was part of the Twitch stream that literally broke the internet. He hopped on Fortnite to team up with some guys named Ninja, Drake, and Travis Scott and 628K people tuned in…AT THE SAME TIME!
5. Bad and Boujee? JuJu added Boujee, his French Bulldog, to his family shortly after moving to Pittsburgh. Named after the song, JuJu thinks Boujee perfectly describes his pup: he’s got a huge IG following, lives in a penthouse, and oh yeah, he bought JuJu a Tesla for Father’s Day!
Tracy Sandler

Tracy Sandler

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