1. There’s more to KD than meets the eye, like his collection of mostly hidden tattoos. That’s right, KD has 15 known tattoos, including one of his grandma’s house (yup, the actual house, he spent lots of time there as a kid), but most get covered by his uniform. 
  2. How did KD spend his time during the NBA Lockout of 2011? Recording music with LeBron! That’s right, the duo connected at a studio in Ohio and recorded a track about their journeys to the NBA. “It Ain’t Easy” was finally released years later in 2018!
  3. Kevin Durant, Photographer. When KD received a camera for his 27th birthday, photography became a real hobby for him. He took his camera everywhere, and even attended Super Bowl 50 as a credentialed photographer for The Players’ Tribune!
  4. Things could’ve gotten realllyyy crabby. It’s no secret that KD’s favorite food is crab legs, and back during his 2016 free agency, one Boston restaurant tried to use that love to win him over. In exchange for signing with the Celtics, Legal Sea Foods offered KD free, unlimited crab legs! It didn’t work, but can’t blame ‘em for trying. 
  5. KD was bound to be on TV, just not in the way you think. Growing up, Kevin actually wanted to be a weatherman! He’s always been fascinated with weather and natural disasters, and even released a series of Nike KD “Weatherman” kicks in the 2010s.
Tracy Sandler

Tracy Sandler

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