1. Football by blood. Nick’s brother Joey is a Defensive End on the Chargers, but he’s not the only family member associated with the game. Their father, John, and uncle, Eric Kumerow, both played for the Dolphins and were both first rounders back in the 80s. 
  2. History before he played a game. When Nick was drafted second overall in this year’s draft, he became the FOURTH (!) member of his family to be drafted in the first round. What other families have accomplished a similar feat? Only the Manning’s and Gronkowski’s. #NFLLore
  3. Living a teenage dream. Nick was just 15 when OSU’s Coach Urban Meyer called to offer him a spot on the team. Oh, and the day he got the call just happened to be the day of his 15th birthday! Could he have wished for anything better?
  4. Brother Bear, literally. At home, Nick’s nickname is Smaller Bear. Joey goes by, you guessed it, Bigger Bear. These are nicknames that need NO explanation, and they just might be our favorite.  #Built
  5. Growing up, Nick’s parents wanted him to try every sport, not just football. He played tennis, golf, soccer, basketball, and baseball, but ultimately told his mom he would DIE if he didn’t play football. Maybe a little dramatic, but maybe not. #LookAtHimNow
Tracy Sandler

Tracy Sandler

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