1. Nothing like one of the Splash Bros making it rain in April! To say Steph had an incredible April would be an understatement. He averaged over 37 points a game, shot over 50% from the field…and hit 96 threes (!!!) which is the most EVER in one month!  
  2. “No. 30” Curry just looks right, but there was actually a time when he couldn’t wear the number. Steph wears No. 30 just like his dad, Dell, did throughout his career, but he was kinda forced to wear No. 20 in high school because the “30” jersey was too big for him!
  3. Comfort food is the way to his heart. While Steph’s wife Ayesha may be an incredible cook, his favorite dish of hers is actually a simple one: chicken parm! It’s the meal she made that brought him joy after a bad game, so it has special meaning. 
  4. His kids are always with him…even when they’re not. In 2019, Steph and Ayesha got matching tattoos of three little geometric animals that just happen to represent each of their kids. A wolf for Canon, a butterfly for Ryan, and a unicorn for Riley! 
  5. Soooo what’s up with the mouthguard? We all know Steph has a love for chewing on his mouthguard, but he actually didn’t start wearing one until he got hit in the mouth and needed stitches back in 2007. He got fitted for a mouthguard the next day, and the rest is history! 
Tracy Sandler

Tracy Sandler

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