1. 1. Record Breaker. Sydney broke her 400m hurdles world record with a time of 51.41 seconds at the U.S. track and field championships this weekend. Her previous world record was 51.46 seconds that she set last year at the Toyoko Olympics. 
    2. Candy and Cheeseburgers. Sydney’s father used to reward her with chocolate when she would finish her races as a child, and she eats gummy bears before every race. She treats herself to a victory cheeseburger when she wins big races, even saying she would eat one after her U.S. championships victory Saturday. 
    3. Lucky blanket. Sydney brings a Minions blanket she has had since 15 to every one of her races. She calls the blanket her “lucky charm.”
    5. All in the family. Sydney’s mother, Mary, and father, Willie, both ran track in high school, her father also ran for Manhattan College where he was a three-time All-American. Her brother, Taylor, ran for the University of Michigan, her sister, Morgan, ran for St. Peter’s University and her younger brother, Ryan, won a New Jersey track title with his high school.
    6. Lots to juggle. Sydney started a juggling club at her high school in New Jersey. She can juggle balls and bowling pins while riding a unicycle. 
Tracy Sandler

Tracy Sandler

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