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  1. You may have heard of this NFL heartthrob *wink* Travis Kelce is known for his stellar career with the Kansas City Chiefs, but he’s not just a tight end sensation; this year, he’s making headlines as Taylor Swift’s boyfriend! We are SO here for this Love Story.
  2. Did you know Travis can sing? He and his brother Jason Kelce recorded a Christmas track for the Eagle’s Christmas Album. Musical talent clearly runs in the family. Can somebody say #Traylor duet?!
  3. Baseball Era. Did you know the Super Bowl-bound star once considered a career in professional baseball? Before deciding on football, Travis was actually a multi-sport athlete, playing football, basketball, baseball and even a little bit of hockey!
  4. Reality star! Travis had a short-lived reality TV show ‘Catching Kelce,’ where group dates and eliminations were the name of the game. We’re not saying we wished we were on that show, but we’re not not saying it.
  5. Can’t stop, won’t stop! Travis boasts SEVEN consecutive seasons with +1,000 yards, a record for any tight end in NFL history. 

Image Source: Travis Kelce on Instagram