1. Ready to make an impact on and off the field. While Trevor isn’t a member of the Jags (yet), he and his wife Marissa are already investing in the community. Last week, the couple pledged $20K to Jacksonville charities with hopes of officially joining the team tomorrow night!
  2. “I gotta just be me. And that’s going to be enough.” That’s the mindset Trevor’s bringing with him as he enters the NFL. He loves football, but knows his worth goes far beyond the sport he plays. He just wants to be the best Trevor he can be, and we’re SO here for it!
  3. Peanut Butter & Jelly time! Let’s face it, PB&J is a staple part of most college diets…even Trevor’s. In 2019, Trevor revealed that he eats about two PB&Js a day (!) to help him bulk up. He goes for the crunchy peanut butter and strawberry jelly combo.
  4. Sweet 16. That’s the number Trevor’s worn throughout his career partially because of Peyton Manning and partially due to lack of options. As a kid, Trevor would always wear #5 or #9, but when he got to middle school neither was available. That’s when he adopted #16 (Peyton’s college number) and the rest is history!
  5. These days it’s all about the hair…but what if we told you there was a time when Trevor didn’t rock his signature flow? In fact, Trevor didn’t start growing out his hair until freshman year of high school. Before that, he actually had a buzz cut!
Tracy Sandler

Tracy Sandler

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