1. Welcome back! Trey was diagnosed with Stage III colon cancer last March, started chemotherapy last April, completed chemo in September, and returned to Major League Baseball in February. We are SO happy to see him on the field again! #F16HT
  2. Boom Boom! That’s the nickname Trey was given by his teammate’s dad when he was 8. Originally earned because he shared a last name with boxer Ray Mancini (it’s his nickname, too), it stuck when he started hitting homers. Now, he goes by “Boomer”!
  3. A debut to remember. Trey got called up to the Orioles in September 2016 and hit a homerun in his first game! But there’s more. The day of his debut also happened to be his late-grandpa’s birthday. That same grandpa was an Orioles season-ticket holder for 20 years! #chills
  4. Mancini Peppers anyone? It’s no coincidence, Trey’s family actually owns Mancini Peppers! His great grandpa started the pepper company wayyyy back in 1922, and it’s now run by his uncle out of Zolfo Springs, Florida. 
  5. Everyone has that one book they just love. For Trey, it’s Harry Potter! He’s been a fan of the series (the books and the movies) since he was a kid and thinks he would fall into House Gryffindor.
Tracy Sandler

Tracy Sandler

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