1. What’s wrong with being confident? Tyler’s outrageously unique sense of style has won him League Fits’ Best Dressed Rookie. He oozes with confidence because he knows he can make anything look good. Please, we saw this coming as soon as he showed up to Draft Night in a floral suit. #drip
    2. Villain in his own home. As a kid from Wisconsin, things got pretty bad after Tyler decommitted from Wisconsin to go to Kentucky. He was labeled a snake, his house was vandalized, he even received death threats. But he used it all as fuel to get even better.
    3. His pre-game routine involves food…A LOT of it. Ever since high school, Tyler’s eaten the same meal before EVERY single game and it sounds delicious! He pairs steak (which he added in college) with mashed potatoes and buttered noodles OR chicken alfredo with a side of bread.
    4. According to Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo, Tyler is the teammate most likely to miss the team bus. He’d always draw a crowd after games and made an effort to sign for and take pics with everyone. Yeah, he’s def missing the bus once fans are back in arenas!
    5. Not your average portrait. After the draft, Tyler had a custom portrait made of him at different stages in his career: middle school, high school, college and the NBA. But guess what? He says he wants to be holding the Championship Trophy in the next frame! #art
Tracy Sandler

Tracy Sandler

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