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5 Fun Things to Do When There’s No Warriors Basketball to Watch

Well, the Golden State Warriors swept the Utah Jazz and advance to the Western Conference Finals, and that means, the Warriors will have at least six days off until they play another game. Here are 5 fun things to do when there’s no Warriors basketball to watch.

1. Baseball anyone? In the Bay, we have two not so great underperforming MLB franchises, the Oakland A’s and the San Francisco Giants. Even so, getting out to AT&T Park or the Coliseum is always a great time.

2. Utilize your DVR. I don’t really have any shows. I’m more of a National Geographic and History Channel kind of girl. But, the DVR provides hope for us all. Load that baby up with every show imaginable. I am going to start watching Silicon Valley.

3. Go pick up some new bestsellers from Barnes and Noble. I picked up Golden: The Miraculous Rise of Stephen Curry by Marcus Thompson. Thompson provides insight that regular fans do not have access to and Curry’s inspiration to be accepted in the NBA fraternity. This book is a must read for any Steph Curry fan, Golden State fan or even a basketball junkie.

4. Take a day trip. The Bay Area offers fantastic day trip destinations. Sun worshippers can head to fun loving town of Santa Cruz. Outdoor enthusiasts can check out Muir Woods, Stinson Beach or Mt Tamalpais. For those seeking culture, the university town of Berkeley offers award winning theater, gourmet restaurants and a lively collegiate atmosphere.

5. Scout other NBA teams battling it out to win their conference Finals. Although the Dubs are my team, I am also an NBA fan. I plan to watch as many games possible!

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