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My love for football started when I was about 12 years old. My father is my best friend and we would spend our Sundays watching and cheering his favorite team, the Kansas City Chiefs.

Growing up, I was not gifted at playing sports even though my parents believed I could. I played soccer, softball, I ran track and field, ballet, tap, jazz, you name it I tried it. Football was not something that girls were allowed to play, except flag football which I would play every chance I got.

It was an exciting moment when after seven years of not having an NFL team, the Rams were relocating here. I remember going to St. Louis Rams games during the “the greatest show on turf” days. I was blown away that a rookie quarterback came out of nowhere and his team played an offense that brought them a Super Bowl win. One of the most exciting moments of my life was when I was able to interview one of my heroes who I watched play growing up, Marshall Faulk. He told me about his passion for the game and giving everything he could to St. Louis because he loved our city and our fans believed in him. My dad was so proud of me and I even got a football signed for him from an NFL legend.

When the Rams left for L.A. that was not the end of my love for football. I had watched Kansas City Chiefs games with my dad growing up so returning to my original team was a natural fit!

For the last two years, I have worked as an in-game host/reporter for our USL team, Saint Louis football club. I am so excited to be able to report for two “football” teams now.

Over this last year, my dad and I would watch the Chiefs play and it was an incredible moment when the Chiefs won their division. Having a roommate from Kansas City and a die hard Chiefs fan had helped to seal my love and affection for this great team. I can’t wait to spend Sunday’s at Arrowhead and see the heat that they will bring this season and hopefully a Superbowl win! Let’s go CHIEFS Kingdom!!

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