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Talking Touchdowns: Broncos Kick-Off MNF Feeling So Fresh and So Clean

By September 7, 2017 No Comments

Don’t you love the smell of a fresh season? Preseason has come and gone and it’s time for some games with meaning. The Broncos kick off Monday Night Football looking to show off an improved Trevor Siemian, and a recently modified No Fly Zone, against the Los Angeles Chargers.

Denver Broncos vs. LA Chargers

On this week’s Talking Touchdowns game preview, I take a look at the matchup including:

  • The quarterback situation in Denver has always been a hot topic in the sports world and John Elway never ceases to amaze…..The Denver Broncos have resigned former backup quarterback Brock Osweiler, in the wake of Paxton Lynch’s shoulder injury, to fill the spot of backup quarterback. Serving three seasons with the Broncos, and starting for a brief period during a Peyton Manning injury in 2015, the Broncos went 5-2 in the games Osweiler started, as he completed 61.8 percent of his passes for 1,967 yards, 10 touchdowns and six interceptions before Manning returned to the field in Week 17 of that season. But enough about Brock, Trevor Siemian is the man now. Coming into his second year as a starter, he has a whopping career 18 TD’s, 3,401 passing yards, and a not too shabby 84.6 QB rating. Needless to say there’s some stepping up that needs to happen.
  • The Broncos said goodbye to Pro Bowl Safety TJ Ward, shocking teammates and fans.The No fly Zone will look a little different this year, with one of two 2016 draft picks to fill his void, either Boston College safety Justin Simmons who the Broncos got in the third round or Arizona safety Will Parks who they picked up in the sixth round of the draft.
  • Now that the Chargers have settled into their new home town, and LaLaLand has somehow made room for two NFL teams, the Chargers look to compete in the division. Shall we just look back for a second on Philip Rivers’ last season….21 INT. I’m going to leave it at that. The Chargers have the right pieces, in RB Melvin Gordon, who totaled 997 yds and 10 TD last year & DE Joey Bosa who was the first rookie to have 10+ sacks in a rookie season since Von Miller & Aldon Smith in 2011…and he missed four games. Can the new kids in town make a statement in week 1? Let’s hope not because I most definitely want to have the bragging rights against rival Fangirl Shelbi!
  • And yes, my game prediction
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