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Hi Chiefs Kingdom! Welcome to Talking Touchdowns!

The Kansas City Chiefs started fast and furious with a 14-0 lead in the first five minutes of the game, but were behind 21-17 by the half. We still had a chance to tie it up with just two minutes left in the game, but they just couldn’t make it happen. Even though we lost on Sunday, we are still tied for first in the division. Time is running out; we only have four games left.

Kansas City Chiefs vs. New York Jets

Chiefs’ quarterback Alex Smith actually had a great game! He completed 19 of his 33 passes for 366 yards and four touchdowns. I’m sure you all saw his 70-yard rush! I loved it! Alex came ready to play last week! Smith, bring it again next week against the Raiders. On the Jets’ game-winning drive, the Chiefs incurred four costly penalties at the 3-yard line. Did you see Marcus Peters throw the penalty flag in the stands and then leave the game even though he wasn’t ejected? Peters, I’m not smiling.

The Cheetah was in top form on Sunday! Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill had six catches for 186 yards and two touchdowns. You saw his 79-yard touchdown, right? Understandable if not; he’s just that fast. Just try and stop him on Sunday, Raiders. Chiefs’ tight end Travis Kelce caught the ball four times for 94 yards and two touchdowns. Right back at you, Kelce! The Chiefs’ defense struggled last week against the Jets. Time of possession was in the Jets’ favor. The Jets had control of the ball for 42:49 compared to 17:11 for the Chiefs. We weren’t able to sack McCowan at all. The Chiefs’ defense is now ranked 30th in the NFL. They have allowed, on average, 382.2 yards per game.

Kansas City Chiefs vs. Oakland Raiders

Up next, the 6-6 Kansas City Chiefs host the 6-6 Oakland Raiders at Arrowhead Stadium on Sunday, December 10th. Last time the two teams met, we played the Raiders at Oakland and lost 31-30. The Oakland Raiders beat the New York Giants 24-17 last week. The Raiders have had an up-and-down season, much like the Chiefs. Both teams are seeking consistency on both sides of the ball. The Chiefs defense need to apply pressure to Raiders quarterback Derek Carr. He completed 22 passes for 287 yards and one touchdown last week. Oakland Raiders’ running back Marshawn Lynch gained 101 yards on 17 carries which included one 51 yard touchdown. When the Chiefs have the ball, they must account for defensive end Khalil Mack at all times who is the heart of their defense. He leads the team with 7.5 sacks year to date.

Game Prediction

I saw significant improvements in our offense last week. Unfortunately, our defense lost ground. We need to connect on all cylinders. I am hopeful this week that if we can continue the improvements on our offense and correct the deficiencies on our defense, we will win on Sunday against the Raiders. Sorry, Raiders Fangirl. You will be heading back west empty-handed. Go Chiefs!


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