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Hi there, Chiefs Kingdom!

Holiday parties are right around the corner! I love dressing up, the delicious food and the fun games that we all get to play. I’ve put together a new drinking game, just for Chiefs fans. Are you ready?

Here is what you need:

1. You can have as many players as you want.

2. Everyone needs to have an alcoholic drink. I also like to have 1 bottle of fireball and 1 bottle of Rumplemintz to really get everyone in the holiday spirit!

Chiefs Tidbits

1. Ask the Chiefs fans to raise their hands. The unlikely folks with hands down mussst take a shot right away. Drink up!

2. When you hear someone say, “Remember when the Chiefs were 5-0?” Chug!

3. When someone mentions Travis Kelce and his touchdown dances, you must take a drink, replicate one of his dances and then do a shot of Fireball.

4. When someone asks, “When is Mahomes going to start?” Take a shot of Rumplemintz.

5. When someone says, “What happened to Kareem Hunt?” Down it!

This game is sure to liven up your holiday party! Remember, always drink responsibly. Cheers, Chiefs fans!

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