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Fangirl Minute: Show What You Know, NBA

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Hey Fangirls, it’s Tracy Sandler and welcome to the Fangirl Minute! With the NBA All-Star game coming up, it is time to make sure you Fangirls are ready when hanging out and watching basketball with friends and family. Yes, ladies the NBA is much more than dunks and 3-pointers, so here are a few tips to help you, show what you know.

1.  The pick and roll – This is the oldest play in basketball and you know what? You don’t even need to know what it is to use it in conversation to make yourself look like a NBA connoisseur. Just look for the team struggling to score and say…they should run more pick and roll…and you are all set.

2.  And One! – You do need to be paying a bit more attention for this one but when used properly you will be a fangirl all-star. When a player scores a basket or even if they miss and the ref calls a foul that is the perfect time to yell…And One! If done properly everyone will nod in vigorous agreement to your well-timed comment and you will be on your way to NBA glory.

3. Droppin’ Dimes – We are in deep hoops lingo with this one so prepare yourself. Dimes are great passes that lead to assists, which means one player made a nice pass to another and they score a basket. When a player, usually a point guard, does this a lot they are…droppin’ dimes. If you can casually drop this in conversation you may make it to the fangirl hall of fame.

You are ready to show what you know! Later skaters!

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Tracy Sandler

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