Fangirl’s Starting Lineup – NBA Playoffs

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The NBA Playoffs have been anything but boring through the first round and early second round action and we think it’s only going to heat up! Let’s dig into some playoff action with our Fangirl Starting Lineup.

The East

The King & His Court

One thing that this playoff season has shown us is that LeBron James is just plain otherworldly and seems to be getting stronger as he gets older. Now in his 15th season, he has put together one of his finest playoff runs, which can be said even though we are right in the middle of it. His performance has been dominant and willed his team to a 7-game series win against an arguably a better team in the Pacers. His 45 points, 9 rebounds, 7 assists and 4 steals were just too much for the Pacers handle in a tight game 7.

The King’s performance against the Raptors has been just plain scary. LeBron seemed to be toying with Toronto in taking a 3-0 series lead and his wild one-handed bank shot to win game three was just ridiculous.

The Matchup

While the 76ers are one team that would have a chance to comeback from a 0-3 deficit, the Celtics are proving to be too scrappy and too well-coached for Philly. Game three was one of the wildest playoff games so far full of buzzer beaters, clutch plays and funny, strange moments that have made these playoffs so much fun to watch…That said…the loss was a killer for the 76ers. While at times they look unstoppable, Boston is proving that “the process” is not quite complete.

And that brings us to the matchup we all expected earlier in the year just with different players and vastly different circumstances. The Celtics somehow look to be on their way to the Eastern Conference Finals without their two best players, relying on rookies and role players to push them through. The Cavs will ride their way into the series on the shoulders of LeBron James.

How the West was Won

Both the Pelicans and Jazz have put up a fight in their respective series with the Warriors and the Rockets. Jrue Holiday has been strong and AD has been a beast but Golden State is just too deep and too good. The same can be said for the Rockets, which brings us to the matchup we’ve been waiting for all year out west. A true battle of titans and what we all hope will be an epic series to last the ages.

The Rockets and Warriors have been the best teams in the west all year, and one of them will come out of the west and will be a big favorite to win the title. While the Warriors are still too deep and too good, if anyone can take them down, it will be James Harden, Chris Paul, Clint Capella and company in Houston. Looking forward to that one!

Enjoy the playoffs!

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