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Fangirl Minute: How to Fill Out a Winning March Madness Bracket

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Hello sports fans! March Madness is here and it’s time to fill out those Final Four brackets. We Fangirls know making these kind of decisions can be difficult so here are a few tips to help you become your very own Bracketologist.

1. Let’s start with the basics. Selection Sunday is March 11th. This is when we find out the seeds and can start filling out our brackets. The tournament play-in games start on March 13th and the tournament starts for real on March 15th. If you don’t get your bracket done by the 15th, please tune back in when we show you how to make papermache statues of Jimmy Garoppolo with our old Final Four brackets…but I digress.

2. While we all want our school’s team to win or at least advance to the final four, if you’re lower than a 4 seed it’s unlikely. Just because your school is ranked #1 in partying…doesn’t mean they will win the Final Four. In the history of the tournament teams below the 4 seed have won only 3 times…so ladies, use your head not your heart.

3. March Madness is filled with upsets every year, but how can we possibly pick those Cinderella stories? Statistics tell us the best place to look is the 5 vs. 12 matchup. The favorites are just 5-11 since 2014. Be careful from there. The 12th seed has only made it to the Elite 8 only once, so Cinderella stories only go so far.

4. Stats are great. Past performance, star players, great coaches…all important. That said, at the end of the day you should expect the expectable and inexplicable to happen. It is called March Madness after all. So, don’t over think it. Have fun. Fill out your bracket and head to the nearest sports bar to watch the games.

May the odds be ever in your favor. Good luck!

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Tracy Sandler

Tracy Sandler

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