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Tips and Tricks: Looking Fly on Gameday | Raiders Fangirl

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OK Fangirls and boys! There are many reasons I like attending sports games, like for the chicken tenders, ice cream, beer, good looking people, oh, and the game obviously! But one of my favorite parts is the attire. I rarely get a chance to wear jerseys on a day-to-day basis, so when the opportunity to go to a game comes around, I am excited to pull them out. There are many different styles you can go with.

    • You can go with the all around sporty look, throw on a jersey, jeans/shorts and some kicks.
    • You can go with the sexier look, a team shirt, your favorite jeans and some boots, adding cute accessories. .

How to look fly at the Raiders Game video dropping soon. Stay tuned!😊 #raiders #outfit

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  • You can go the die hard fan look, and deck yourself out in head-to-toe Raiders gear. I am talking fitted hat, scarf, jersey, black and silver pants, Raiders socks and some kicks!

These are the three different looks I usually choose from depending on the game vibes! I hope this helps you next time you are trying to figure out your game time attire!