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The Rams Fall Short in a Crucial NFC Matchup Against the Seahawks

By October 8, 2017 No Comments

Well, that was definitely a bummer.  This week the Rams came up short in a crucial divisional matchup against the Seahawks.  With a final score of 10-16, the Seahawks beat the Rams with two field goals in the second half.

The Seahawks offense looked much better this week.  Russell Wilson passed for 198 yards and a touchdown. Jimmy Graham also added points to the board late in the first half.  But the true shining stars of the game was the Seahawks defense.  I explained in my Talking Touchdowns video that in order to be successful against the Seahawks, the Rams offense will be need to be so precise against the defense. Earl Thomas forced two of the Rams’ FIVE turnovers.  Perhaps the most crucial turnover, Thomas stripped the ball from Todd Gurley at the goal line to crush their opening drive.

The Rams turnovers were the biggest problem the offense struggled with all game.  Jared Goff still had an impressive 288 yards but also had 2 interceptions.  Todd Gurley rushed for 43 yards on 14 carries and Tyler Higbee led the wideouts with 98 yards on 4 receptions.  Three, yes three, of the Rams offensive players had fumbles.  Tavon Austin fumbled 2 times. Todd Gurley fumbled once, and Goff had a crucial fumble as they were driving mid field.

The Rams defense was able to force three sacks on Russell Wilson but Wilson was extremely athletic in the pocket.  Rookie John Johnson had an impressive interception off of Russell Wilson and returned it 69 yards.

It was definitely a let down that the Rams weren’t able to close it out tonight but they stayed competitive the entire game.  This game was obviously won by the legendary Seahawks defense but I am still confident that the Rams are on the right track. Next week, we take on the Jaguars so time to let this one go and get ready for Blake Bortles squad.