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Between the Rockets and the Spurs, Someone’s Messing with Texas

Alright, the Clippers are out so I thought I would take on whatever team is going to play the Warriors because how much fun would that be?! Because we don’t quite know who will be playing the Warriors in the Conference Finals here’s a quick look at the rest of the series for the Rockets and Spurs.

Game 4 Rewind: Houston Rockets vs. San Antonio Spurs

James Harden led the Rockets to a 125-104 win over the San Antonio Spurs by scoring 28 points, while shooting 10-18 from the field and added 12 assists. Lou Williams and Eric Gordon added 13 and 22 points off the bench, to help solidify the win and even the series at two games a piece.

Game 5 Rewind: Houston Rockets vs. San Antonio Spurs

Tied at two games, the series headed back to San Antonio for a pivotal game five.  Each team has played tremendously well at home thus far in the series, claiming their previous wins on their prospective home courts. Historically, game fives are incredibly important, as the winner of that game goes on to win the series nearly 85% of the time and this game five was no exception.  The intense game tied at regulation headed into overtime, but the Spurs had to enter overtime without their number one player, Kawhi Leonard.  Leonard went down with a left ankle injury and his supporting cast stepped up to the plate.  Manu Ginobili and Danny Green were among the two who carried the team and secured the pivotal win for the Spurs.  Danny Green alone outscored the Rockets in overtime and Manu GInobili had a game sealing block off a Harden three-point attempt at the end of overtime.

Balling like it’s 2005.

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Game 6 Preview: Houston Rockets vs. San Antonio Spurs

Looking ahead, I still think this series will go to a game seven, but I think this overtime said a lot about the Spurs.  I’m not sure the Rockets could take a win like that without James Harden.  But, if they can capitalize on Harden’s distribution skills and shoot the ball well, the Rockets are a tough team to beat.

If I had to choose now, I am going with the Spurs based on the stat I said earlier – the team that wins game five nearly 85% of the time wins the series.  Let me know your thoughts and tweet me @ClippersFGSN!

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