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Fangirl Holiday Drinking Game | Broncos Fangirl

By December 8, 2017 No Comments

It’s been a rough eight weeks here in Broncos Country, but with three weeks left in the regular season and the Denver Broncos being practically eliminated from playoff contention, I have a drinking game that will keep you and your friends enjoying Sunday football and the Holidays. I’ve taken it upon myself to come up with a little Broncos drinking game to help get you through the rest of regular season.

Grab a beer or cocktail and drink when…(Some drink recipes here)

1. The Broncos throw an interception (This is a guarantee at least once a game)

2. They show Vance Joseph Not having the time of his life

3. They talk about the last time the Broncos were this bad

4. Von Miller does a Sack dance

5. The Broncos score!! (That’s real reason to drink!)

This should keep you busy for the last couple weeks of the season or maybe at your next Holiday party. Cheers to Football in December!

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