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We are full swing into the Holiday Season, which means extra treats and lots of big meals with family and friends. It’s easy to get off track with workouts and food, but I’ve got a quick workout plan that you can do during halftime of a game, at lunch, or whenever you have a few minutes to yourself to keep your body moving:

1. Start with two minutes of jogging in place. Feel free to add in high knees for a extra burst!

2. Quickly come down the to the floor and get into a forearm plank for one minute and 30 seconds. TIME YOURSELF, as it is important to stay for the full 90 seconds.

3. If you’re feeling strong, pop on to your toes and do three sets of 10 pushups. If you’re not comfortable on your toes, come on down to your knees but still do three sets of 10.

4. Come up to standing position and bring your feet slightly wider than your hips. Bend your knees for squats. Again, do three sets of 10.

5. Lastly, with a light set of weights do shoulder lifts, by bringing your arms to up into a T  and then lower back down. This also works without weights and you will get quite a burn!

And of course, nutrition is so important, so keep an eye on those calories between celebrations. I love to eat KIND bars for great post workout fuel. They are the perfect blend of protein and nutrients, and they are easy to take on the go! Happy Holiday Season Ramily!

#BehindtheScenes this week with the delicious @kindsnacks !! The salted caramel bar is ADDICTING!

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