Where my Philly Fangirls at!? The Philadelphia Eagles are the reigning Super Bowl Champs, and whether you live in Philly or are visiting, I’ve decided to help you eat your way through The City of Brotherly Love. While the Falcons seek to clip the Eagles’ wings, I’ll be filling my belly with the most delicious food that Philly has to offer. Here are the Fangirl 5 things you MUST eat in Philly.


1. Cheesesteak at Geno’s Steaks

The classics are a classic for a reason so we are celebrating the standards by starting off with a cheesesteak at the world renowned Geno’s Steaks. Philly has incredible food everywhere you turn, but you would be remiss in visiting Philly without eating a Philly Cheesesteak. A Philly Cheesesteak to Philly is like Reggie White and Donovan McNabb are to Eagles Football History, classic and celebrated across the born-and-raised. Geno’s was founded by Joey Vento in 1966 and has transformed this South Philly corner into a Cheesesteak haven. Open 24 hours a day, this is a must hit before game time or really any time.

Tell Me Where: 1219 South 9th Street Philadelphia, PA | 9th and Passyunk Ave.


2. Dock Street Cannery and Tasting Room

Now that you’ve indulged in the savory goodness that is the Philly Cheesesteak, you must quench your thirst with a delicious cocktail. Head over to Dock Street Cannery and Tasting Room. Here you can find hand-crafted beers, draft wine and signature cocktails. We at FGSN love the Cedar Park Spritz. It blends the perfect mix of white wine, gin, lime and mint, just like Carson Wentz and Nelson Agholor open downfield is the perfect mix for another Eagles touchdown! Sit back and take in this cocktail like it’s a gentle zephyr on a late summer day.

Tell Me Where: 701 S 50th St, Philadelphia, PA 19143



3. Miller’s Twist

You know when it’s like 3 o’clock and you’re not super hungry, but you definitely got that snacky feeling goin on?  You do? Great, it’s not just me. When the nosh alarm goes off, there’s no reason to be “humble but hungry” like Jay Ajayi says; the only answer is the Philly-style soft pretzel over at Miller’s Twist. My recommendation is to go with the classic soft pretzel with mustard on the side for dipping. This yummy, salty, doughy work of geometric deliciousness is simply a must have when strolling the streets of Philly.

Tell Me Where: 51 N 12th St, Philadelphia, PA 19107



4. Bud & Marilyn’s

The sun is going down and you’ve taken in so many of the great sights and tastes of Philly, but now it’s time to unwind at a place that’s truly upscale casual. Bud & Marilyn’s is the kind of restaurant where you feel right at home the second you walk in, similar to the feeling everyone gets returning to The Linc for that first game of season. The team of Chef Marie Turney and Valerie Safran have taken classic American dishes and put their unique spin on them without losing any of the charm that made them great to begin with. We are obsessed with the Bucket of Fried Chicken and Cheese Curds;  however, the must order item has to be a slice of Funfetti cake for desert. If you name a slice of cake Funfetti, I am going to be all over it!

Tell Me Where: 1234 Locust Philadelphia PA 19107



5. Kuriimii Soft Serve

My final must eat treat on this culinary excursion is a little outside the box. Kuriimii is the hip, new ice cream joint on the scene, specializing in soft serve exotic flavors. Explore some new takes on classic ideas with build it yourself temptations like matcha, black sesame, coffee and honey dew. You never know, sometimes changing up your usual go-to can lock in a Super Bowl-like win. Too bad they don’t have a flavor called Foles. Our Fangirl favorite is the charcoal vanilla. It definitely doesn’t hurt that this ice cream joint is adorable. Instagram anyone?

Tell Me Where: 1023 Cherry St, Philadelphia, PA 19107