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Steph Curry to be the NBA’s first $200 Million Dollar Man

Steph Curry to be the NBA’s first $200 Million Dollar Man

Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors have agreed to a 5-year, $201 million deal, according to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN.

Curry has been a leader for a Warriors team that has won two NBA titles and three finals appearances in three years. His three point shot undoubtedly contributed to the teams 207 regular-season wins in three years.

He was named the league’s MVP twice in three years, including in 2016 when he became the first-ever unanimous winner of the prestigious award. After Kevin Durant came on board, Curry’s points per game fell from 30.1 to 25.3, but the decrease seemed to be by design.

The Warriors were destined to create a different brand of basketball, passing the ball and letting the entire squad contribute to the win. Curry has showed no signs of wanting to leave and made it clear he would remain on the Warriors long term.

After winning the 2017 NBA Championship, Golden State showed how dominating they can be, running the conference finals 14-0 and winning the playoffs 16-1.

It should be noted the all star point guard has been underpaid for the past few years. His last 4-year contract, worth $44 million in total, put Curry below the pay range of his peers and extremely below the pay range of a true NBA superstar.

As reported by Chris Haynes, back-up point guard, Shaun Livingston and the Warriors reached a 3-year, $24 million deal.

The future of Andre Iguodala is unclear. Although Golden State has the ability to retain Iguodala under the Bird Rights, they would be exposing themselves to a luxury tax, which is ultimately the owner’s decision. It is well known at least seven teams are interested in signing Iguodala.

The question now is whether or not the team can keep the super team together. Klay Thompson and Draymond Green are still under contract. Durant, who is a free agent, has agreed to wait to negotiate his contract so other players are retained under the cap, and he has publicly stated he wants to remain on the Golden State Warriors. With Durant, the Warriors should remain a top contender in the NBA for years to come.

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